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2 wooden massage accessories to relax and unwind over the holidays.

This set contains:
- Dry body brush
- Wooden body massage roller

The perfect gift set to try self-massage at home
Pump up the feel-good factor with this set that's available exclusively for the holidays.

Inside, you'll find two wooden massage accessories for wonderful self-care. The brush is designed for dry brushing.

The multipurpose massager can be used from head to toe to relieve tension. It's effortless and there's no need to be a pro, you just need a few minutes.

Gift the power of relaxation this Christmas. This duo of massage accessories is a fun and original gift. It comes in a pretty orange and pink soft fabric pouch so there's no need to giftwrap it.

Handy enough to take anywhere, you can reuse it to pack your favorite SEPHORA COLLECTION products for a trip or a weekend away. Who would love it? Friends who want to boost their self-care routine.

The added bonus of this Christmas massage accessory set:
- Wooden massage tools.
- Pretty pouch to keep and reuse.
- Brush with 100% synthetic fibers (made without animal-derived raw materials).


How to use

What's the best way to use the body brush?
Use the kit's body brush once a day on the entire body. There's no need to apply a cream or oil before use.

For a pleasant, relaxing sensation, massage the skin, moving progressively upwards from the feet to the décolleté. Move the brush in circles, varying the size and pressure depending on how you want it to feel. Alternate harder and softer movements, always going from bottom to top and from center to edge.

What's the best way to use the multipurpose massager?
The multipurpose massager has wooden balls that roll across the skin. It is ideal for focusing on areas of the body that are prone to tension, such as the back of the neck, the calves, the stomach or the shoulders.

To use it, simply roll it back and forth over the relevant area. Use more or less pressure depending on the effect you want. Experiment by going slower or faster, depending on what you prefer.


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